Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day of Birth, Eight Years Later

Jos has been playing around with the PhotoBooth feature on my Mac a lot lately, recording various faces from funny to alien. For his birthday pic, he decided to go with a pose to match the shirt, though moments ago he had his action hero professing, "I'm a gladiator of love." 

On our afternoon walk, he said it's getting harder without Isaiah, because he's remembering more so we talked some about the ideas of shock and forgetting for protection. 

Yesterday, when I searched and didn't find a water bottle I wanted to take to the park, I swore. Jos looked at me and said, "Why did you say shit?" I responded with something about wanting the water bottle and he said, "A water bottle's not worth all that anger," and proceeded to offer me several other options, from jelly jar to plastic cup and by the end, I was laughing.

As he grows, Jos continues to be a gift, one that challenges us to learn how to live with more patience, more peace, more questions and more joy. We give many thanks.


AndiBWalsh said...

:) glad to have a place to read far more enlightening thoughts than medical technical journals or email about downtimes... :) blessings a

momma newcomb said...

i like the new space you have set up. tell jos his pictures are awesome, and we still love him even if he belongs to the dark side.
love you

ryan said...

i would like to offer a rebuttle to my beautiful wife of seven years... we love him BECAUSE he belongs to the dark side...