Saturday, December 6, 2008

The names we give

My mind has been pondering names a lot lately. The names we're given, the names we forget. As many of you know, the boy has been traveling his own path with names. The name we gave him at birth morphed into Joey as he became a bundle of energy and words. In the last year, as he discovered the world of Guitar Hero, the passion of rock music, he came down the stairs with a slip of paper, on it written his new name: Jos. It sounded edgier to him. Recently, he discovered the ElfQuest comic series and, after a character, has taken the name Cutter.  Cutter is so named because he has skill with a blade and cuts through deception to find the truth of a matter. 
We are, most of us, myself included, amused by this boy who chooses his own name. I wonder what happens if I deny him these names. If I refused Cutter, would I also refuse some part of him that wants to be brave, that desires to be strong and protect his loved ones. The name I call him does not matter so much to me, as I think he's an amazing being regardless of the word he's taken to describe himself. 
I wonder about those names we once wished for ourselves, and what happened to them. As a girl, I loved Kallie Marie. I suppose it sounded musical and unusual, coming from Jennifer Dawn. Later, in college, I was drawn to Xavier, my own edge and shadow. 
I ask, what name have you forgotten? Who have you hidden inside?

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Radakovitz Family said...

I was simply amazed to read this today, after just posting about Siena's name change yesterday. I love that they are so carefully defining who they are and how they want to be perceived at such a young age. During a major sorting project a few weeks ago of my old photos and keepsakes, I was reminded that at one time I went by Dee and a little later by Neice. I don't recall any reason I may have identified with these other than one syllable sounded cooler than two!