Saturday, September 13, 2008

Unschooling school and other assorted strangeness

Jos decided this week that he'd like to try school at home. He set up a schedule that begins with him leaving by way of the front door at 10 a.m., "catching the bus", and entering the back door two minutes later, to be greeted by his teacher, Miss Rose.  Wednesdays after recess there will be art and Fridays, cooking. Saturdays will be led by the male teacher, Mr. Max Power. Though today Jos came downstairs beaming and said, "No school today. It's raining and the bus driver can't see." It will be an adventure no doubt and on our list of "school topics" we have such joyous subjects as scuba diving, deep sea creatures, Spore and a visit to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago to look at the exhibit on evolution. We decided to make the classroom in Isaiah's room, which required the disassembling of Isaiah's bed. Joe handled that while Jos and I played LiteBrite. As we played, I said, "It will be sad not to have Isaiah's bed around anymore," to which Jos replied, "Yes, but we still have Isaiah in a jar." True, my beautiful child, true. Later, we put on music and had a jump fest across Isaiah's bed, which we were sure he would've loved.

In my own adventures, I just finished reading the YA novels Stargirl and Love, Stargirl. They were a delightful (if I may say so) read!  Someone amazing (ok, poet Jack Ridl) sent along an article about introverts today; I laughed with recognition and I highly recommend it to all the friends and family I drive crazy with my unwillingness to talk on the phone. I love you, but...;)

As for Joe, when asked what I might share with all of you, he said he continues to be mystified, baffled, befuddled by the insanity of my desk space. I say, he continues to work on top-secret exciting projects and is trying to line up some pros to see if we can sell in these downtimes and move to GR. Preferably before the Michigan winter.

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