Tuesday, October 21, 2008

100 things I love

I am trying to make a grocery list. I am trying to write the next line of a poem. I am trying to respond constructively to the lines of another writer's poem. I am trying to remember that this adult world and its fears are not the fault of my child. I am especially trying to remember this when the computer has frozen and he continues clicking the mouse. I am sometimes failing more than I would like. I am going to stop trying for a moment to remember why I try. A list I made months ago, probably from a prompt in some artsy book about how to free my soul. I forget sometimes it is free. What tops your list, frees your soul from the trying?

black tea, mushrooms, light blue, candy shops, homemade bread with real butter, hand-dipped candles, spinach sauteed in lemon, pumpkin orange, East Africa, cherry red, Austin, molasses cookies, vanilla, photo booths, tamales, San Francisco, the first spring crocus, Joe in the morning, peppermint mochas, antique furniture, the heat of summer, heated seats in winter, board games, ink pens, beautiful journals, art work, space, blank canvases, charcoal pencils, cute erasers, play-dough, instant coffee, nutella, maple syrup, woods with rivers, singing, Ben Lee, Amelie, lino cuts, wabi sabi, vodka martini triple dirty, swirled marbles, libraries, aquariums, unschooling, handwritten letters, stationary, beads, bone, found objects, printed fabric, resale shops, banana slugs, caterpillars, deer, old barns, soft pillows, quilts, yoga pants, running, trampoline jumping, swinging, stones, big waves, handmade soaps, etsy, laughter, pregnancy, making lists, eyes, red cheeks, curly hair, sleeping, my bed, peanut butter, strawberries, children's picture books, playing the piano, the coast of california, driving by myself, dr. suess, the pound and salt of the ocean, wind in my hair, scrabble, my grandma's kitchen, sticky buns, 50 cent words, sun on my face, my fingers in sand, speaking french, speaking spanish, prayer flags, reading into the wee hours, love stories, scalding hot showers, baths, the minds of children, rolling change, magic tricks, thunderstorms


Kathryn Schoon-Tanis said...

towels fresh from the dryer, harper's smile in the morning, harper's smell fresh from the bath, the blue sky of spring may, tulips, cotton candy, ice cream after a long day at the beach, a good hard workout, cups of coffee, long conversations, camp fires, walking through autumnal leaves, being really tired and crawling in a warm bed, sitting on joel's lap, new shoes, new journals, the first day of vacation, and my beloved friend jen.

Anita said...

well loved books- old and new, baby feet, hot chai tea with milk, mocha, belly laughs, knitting, the smell of fallen leaves, wool crafts, organized shelves and desk, a clean car, quiet drives in the country, pancakes with real maple syrup, hot baths, red wine, walks in the woods, uninterrupted conversations with friends, Ben Harper, wandering aimlessly through libraries.

momma newcomb said...

After reading this, I had to post. It is always good to reflect on our loves.
hot baths, rainy day naps, dance parties with the kids, ryan when he wears his detroit tigers hat slightly askew, good books, people magazine, kit kats, little debbies, morning conversations with jen, seeing my kids get off the school bus, having the time to shower and apply make up, a clean house, coffee in the morning, smiles, going to bed knowing I have done my best, white wine, martini's, bath time giggles, cooking, holidays, senseless humor

Ame Parman said...

good friends, walking in the woods, a nice breeze in the trees, watching birds, finding fungus in the woods, jennifer's handwriting, gibran, my pillow, pickles, burritos, gyro salads, traveling, learning, talking on the phone, driving with my feet on the dash, camping, hiking, canoeing, wildlife in the wild, obama, hip-hop dancing, dancing all around, whistling, singing phrases, playing scrabble on-line (& usually losing), goose martini's triple dirty, barbaresco red wines, michigan in the summer, sharing, growing, verbal sparing, learning other's viewpoints, hot baths, music festivals, 4th of July, tubing, my hubby, dreaming of the future & remembering the past.